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IIEC -For all Abroad Services International Intelligent Educational Consultancy IIEC have Exclusive Tie up with Monroe College (US) Monroe College Monroe College was founded in 1933 with a single goal: To educate men and women for a successful future. Monroe is recognized as a leader in providing a focused, career-oriented, quality education that integrates classroom learning with real-world experience. Monroe offers a range of certificate, associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs. Practical training allows students to gain practical experience by working in a position directly related to their academic program. STUDY WITH TRAINING Curricular practical training (CPT) and Optional practical training (OPT). Part-time: 20 hours or less per week. Full-time: more than 20 hours per week. The College stands out for many reasons, and one of those reasons is the faculty. Monroe faculties are more than just professors—they are mentors, motivators and members of the Monroe family. Even more, each professor brings invaluable experience into the classroom. Whether they are former NYPD detectives, business leaders, chefs or nurses, Monroe professors make sure their students benefit from their practical knowledge. At Monroe, there are no huge lecture halls. Because classes are small, instruction is personalized and professors know their students by name. It’s one of the main reasons our students do well—there’s always a professor who will arrive early or stay late to help a student understand and learn. Because of their dedication, Monroe faculty receives over a 90% positive rating on student surveys. MONROE FACTS/ACCOMPLISHMENTS • Ranked ‘Most Affordable Private College in New York State’ by U.S. News and World Report • Online bachelor’s degree program ranked third in New York State by U.S. News and World Report • 350 military veterans currently serve as students • 75 countries represented at Monroe • 14, 000 students have graduated over the last 5 years • $12, 000, 000 in scholarships and grants were provided to students Registration is in progress Contact Immediately! Ct:Call 9841512043 /9360608300 No 78, New No 8A, 1st floor, vv koil street, Thiruvaleeswarar Nagar, Thirumangalam, Anna Nagar West, Chennai – 600040 No17/1.Gee Gee Plaza, 2nd floor , Wheatcrofts Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai-600034 +91 4426158024 +91 7395987880 +919094078744 Mail us To
Info of the Day - IIEC - International Intelligent Educatioanla Consultancy About Germany :- Germany officially called as the Federal Republic of Germany Deutschland , the world’s fourth largest economy and the topper in research and development is having a shortage of 100, 000 engineers. Thus, there are plenty of full-time work options for students pursuing technical programmes in German universities. And also Germany’s New Immigration Act is too focused on attracting more skilled workers to Germany in areas such as natural sciences, engineering, technology, academicians and scientists. Factors that play a key & influencing role in deciding Germany as the destination are: Quality of Education - Education in Germany is one of the oldest & best in the world. Merit is the only criteria for admission & there is no doubt about it. German Educational System guarantees practical knowledge in addition to solid theoretical foundation. Cost - Not expensive as compared to other European countries. Most of the Universities are public or Government owned. No tuition fees in some states. Financing Studies - As there is no tuition fee or a nominal tuition fee, Universities do not provide any scholarships. But International students can apply for scholarships from numerous organizations such as DAAD etc. Paid Internship - Many courses have a mandatory Internship. Internship period could be between 3 months to 6 months. Students may apply for internship to companies in their domain of study. Part Time career Options - International students are permitted to work for 90 full working days or 180 half working days in a year provided it does not exceed 20 hours a week during the lecture period.. Career Prospects - Germany is home to many of the fortune 500 companies like Volkswagen, Audi AG, BMW Bentley Motors Limited, Skoda Auto, Siemens. With a robust economy & world leading position there is a constant demand for qualified & skilled labour force. Next Available Intake September / October - 2018 Jan/ feb -2019 Language Proficiency: Medium of Instruction – English Taught as well as German Taught German Language – is not a criteria for admission but it’s better to achieve a basic level of German language A1 or A2 is useful . Minimum IELTS Bands – 6.0+ or Minimum TOEFL – 79 / 80 Academic percentage – above 65% is well good but we can try for 60% also GRE is needed for Good and high ranked Universities – 290+ is considered as a good score. General Benefits of being a International Student : 1. You are entitled to work up to 20 Hrs/week during your course of study and full time during Holidays in all the International Countries. 2. Most of the programs in EU are structured with a compulsory Co- Placement & Industrial Training. 3. You’re entitled to Get a complete medical coverage which is given by the respective Universities. 4. Being a International Student in Germany, you can work additionally 90 full working days apart from your regular part time. Contact : 9841512043 /9360608300
Free education in Europe IIEC - For All Abroad Services International Intelligent Educational Consultancy Study in Italy  Study in World Top Ranking Universities  No /Low Tuition fee  Scholarships Worth of 5200 Euros/year  Oldest Public Funded Universities  No IELTS/TOEFL/GRE IS Required  Teaching Language 100% English  SCHENGEN Visa – Students can travel 27 countries without any visa  Part time job up to 20 hours per week and full time during vacation  One year Post Study Work Visa to find a job  7^th most industrialized country in the world  Wide range of masters/ bachelors programme available in English  15 years of education acceptable for masters programme  Final year students can also apply Registration is in progress Contact Immediately! Call 9841512043 /9360608300 No 78, New No 8A, 1st floor, vv koil street, Thiruvaleeswarar Nagar, Thirumangalam, Anna Nagar West, Chennai – 600040 No17/1.Gee Gee Plaza, 2nd floor , Wheatcrofts Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai-600034 +91 4426158024 +91 9841512043 +91 9360608300 +91 7395987880 +919094078744
IIEC is a leading education consultancy for the last 10 years providing all the needs of students who wish to study abroad, A one stop solution for your education and immigration needs. call us @9841512043 visit us @, in
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Want To Study In Abroad - Indian Government Aims To Track Students Abroad.
We are regularly advised by the consulates about the latest Visa documentation and rules and have a success rate of over 99%. Visa Guidance is Free for all Edwise students for all countries.
Today Info From IIEC IIEC - For Abroad Services International Intelligent Educational Consultancy Call 9841512043 /9360608300 Why Study In AUSTRIA? Some of you may think Why Austria Why not go to USA, England, China or Australia. That is a good question. Following reasons supporting it : ü  The quality of education is really good. The Austrian Universities offer a world class environment and facilities to their students and are comparable to any other European Universities. ü  Austria is famous for their work in the field of technology and science. ü Education is almost FREE. People coming from developing countries . ü  Cost of living is comparatively cheaper. Although in Vienna it may be expensive as it& #39;s the capital city. ü  Good health insurance system. ü  You get the opportunity to learn German language. The 10th most spoken language in the world which apart from Germany and Austria is spoken in Belgium, Bolivia, Czech Rep., Denmark,  Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland. Almost 10% of the books are published in this language. Last but not least is  that you open a big job market for yourself. ü  You have Indian Student and Families in almost all the cities of Austria who can help you in settling down. ü  Increasingly it is becoming a popular education destination ü  As a student in Austria, one gets student-Visa (Schengen Visa) on which is valid in Most part of Europe nearly in 27 countries (Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain etc.) ü  Apart from studying, it would give an excellent opportunity to spend time in the European continent. ü  High Quality of Education + Low Cost + Advantage (language Job Market) ü  ·Working in small groups ü  ·State-of- the- art equipment ü  ·High degree of practical orientation ü  ·Excellent career perspectives ü  ·Blended Learning Facilities ü  ·Study locations with excellent recreational opportunities ü  Special Features •         Quality assurance •         National accreditation and re-accreditation •         Well-selected student body through limited intake •         Early integration of students into interdisciplinary research projects •         High employability of graduates and rapid integration into the job market •         Practical focus of studies •         integrated part of internship •         lecturers held by academics and practitioners Registration is in progress Contact Immediately ! Call 9841512043 /9360608300 No 78, New No 8A, 1st floor, VV koil street, Thiruvaleeswarar Nagar, Thirumangalam, Anna Nagar West, Chennai – 600040 No17/1.Gee Gee Plaza, 2nd floor , Wheatcrofts Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai-600034 +91 4426158024 +91 9841512043 E-mail